Should I buy an Apartment or Villa in Bangalore?

It boils down to individual choice. Most of us have grown up in an independent house so we connect more to a villa project. Villa projects usually have a lot of open areas so kids and elderly people enjoy playing and walking.

The density of homes in a villa project is usually a fraction when compared to an apartment. This could be a good and bad thing. Since there are a lot of people events like festivals, get-togethers etc are done with lot more pomp in apartment project than a villa. Amenities in villa project are usually less crowded than an apartment which gives you a more exclusive access.

Investment wise in an apartment/row house you get Undivided share which is a virtual portion of the whole project land whereas, in a villa, you are the absolute owner of the entire land on which your villa is built. Villa projects have historically given better returns than comparable apartments provided you stay put for about a decade. It’s the land that appreciates.

Rental Income in a villa project is usually less than that of a comparable apartment because these are usually far.

Customization is possible in almost all villa projects while retaining the exterior look. If you are very specific about how you want your house plan and specifications, the villa is the right choice for you. Most of the villa projects allow these things whereas its painful for a builder to provide options in an apartment. All our villas in Bangalore allow you to customize plans and items like flooring, bathroom fittings etc. There are several residents in our projects who supplied us with doors, flooring etc of their own choice while we executed it.

Cost of a villa in the same location is usually 2–5 times expensive than an apartment.

Daiwik Sparsh – Row Villas in Whitefield off Varthur road

Daiwik Spandana – Villas in Electronic City (rendered image)

We cater mid segment villas in Bangalore starting from a price of 75 lakh to 1.5 cr.

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