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Feedback From The Families
Staying At Daiwik Villas

I saw an advertisement about Daiwik Housing and after enquiring, got to know that the price was slightly above my budget. But my wife and I went ahead to see the villas; the spaciousness, quality of construction and all the essential amenities were way beyond our expectations. Getting plenty of features like backyard garden, terrace garden, clubhouse, swimming pool, well-equipped gym and ample car parking space was indeed a blessing for us. We were getting so much. It completely changed our decision and we decided to buy the villa. Daiwik Sparsh is indeed a true “value for money”.

Everything about this villa gives me a happy feeling. I enjoy each and every bit of the house; from strolling in the garden to enjoying my favourite kitchen space, there is a charm of residing in Daiwik Sparsh. I can sip my morning coffee while standing at the balcony by resting my eyes on the nature that surrounds; it’s a great relief to the eyes! Happiness breathes in every corner of the villa. This is a place where everyone can co-exist in harmony. My neighbours are very friendly and I spend my leisurely weekends with them.

Responsible, professional and prompt are the words I would like to attribute to the entire Daiwik team. Right from sales to accounts to architects, everyone working at Daiwik made the entire process of buying and customizing seamless. The customization process was very pleasant where they were willing to accommodate all the changes such as tiles, kitchen, bathroom etc. Even after the handover of the project, they were prompt in addressing any issue, big or small. I never faced any situation where I had to run after them. I am content with the handover!

I am in love with everything at Daiwik Sparsh. We are enjoying the villa life here. Waking up to birds song, strolling in the garden, enjoying the sun while reading the morning newspaper in the balcony is a blessing in itself. When I stand at the terrace or balcony, I don’t have to hurt my eyes looking at the high-rise buildings. I can just rest my eyes on beautiful nature or look up to the sky. It is such a relief! We have never experienced this feeling in our previous house because nature was not so close then! Happiness breathes in every corner of the villa. Everyone at Daiwik Sparsh can co-exist in harmony. With just 60 villas, it is a perfect community living for those who seek peace, love and happiness. Each and every family here is very co-operative and I am lucky to have found the best neighbours. They are very friendly and I spend my leisure time on weekends with them. Living in a villa is an absolute pleasure! My favourite spaces inside the villa are the spacious living room, hall and beautiful kitchen. Since, I spend most of my time in the kitchen, so we made sure that we get it customized in the way we want. We were lucky to get Daiwik as our builder. I can happily say “we got what we wanted”.

Our villa is a true value for money. We got more than what we had expected from the builders. The hall and ground floor were customized to suit all my needs. Daiwik Builders with their attention to community living and focus on quality has exceeded our expectations.

The best thing about Daiwik Sparsh is that it gave me the freedom to make that huge space my own. I could customize the interiors of the house to the extent I wanted. Right from the choice of tiles, floors, direction and design of each space; I transformed the look of my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Daiwik Sparsh has fulfilled my dream of personalizing our home according to our choice.

I feel that we have made the best decision of owning a villa at Daiwik Sparsh. The price very well met our budget requirement. Every villa in Daiwik is unique in its own way and is created keeping in my mind the needs of home owners. The combination of well-designed homes with a host of amenities makes Daiwik Sparsh a dream home for everyone. I can live peacefully without worrying where and how my child will spend his leisure. He can cycle inside the gated community and with provisions like CCTV, its safe at Daiwik. The builders have delivered what they had promised. Happy to have my own piece of land here, it is a great feeling!

The tranquil secluded country living drew me to the Daiwik Villa project, but the best aspect about Daiwik Builders is the seamless process flow in sales, accounts and architects, once you decide to buy it. The quality promise from Daiwik M.D. and customer focus is the ethos across the organization. Everyone at Daiwik is very prompt in addressing any concerns related to the villa. Right from the buying to the customization process, the Daiwik staffs were very friendly and helpful.

We checked several projects before making Daiwik villa our home choice. The flexibility in design changes and value for money for a 4 BHK Villa is the factor that helped me take this call. The freedom to design the villa according to ones needs marks the uniqueness of the villas at Daiwik Sparsh. I have transformed the entire look of my home right from entrance direction to layout design, changes for bedrooms, bathrooms etc. The interiors of two of my bedrooms are completely different from each other in terms of colour, choice of tiles, floor, choice of wood etc. My wife has got the kitchen customized according to the way she wanted. The dining space, the utility space, the main kitchen area has a different look and feel. Each space in our villa looks entirely different from the other. That’s the uniqueness of our home in Daiwik Sparsh. In addition to the benefit of customizing the villa interiors according to our own choice, we also had the freedom to design the backyard area like the way we wished. We can either use that space to create an organic garden or transform it into a party area.

After seeing the quality of construction, amenities, reasonability of price etc, we decided to buy a villa at Daiwik Sparsh. It met all our expectations in terms of luxury, safety and customization. Daiwik Sparsh gave us an idea of living in a perfect gated community. A home which is so beautifully designed, meets each and every villa owner wish and has neighbours living in harmony with each other is not to be found quite often in today’s times. The communication with Daiwik staff throughout the entire process was very smooth and professional. I enjoy my time at Daiwik villa with terrace gardening and have grown my own mint, coriander and green leafy organic plants. This project is best for a feel of country living and return on investment 5 years down the line.


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