DAIWIK SPANDANA – Why Choose Villas In Electronic City?

Daiwik Spandana – Pioneers of villa property development in Bangalore with over 50 years of track record of creating excellent villa projects. Daiwik has been linked to real estate development and committed in developing best and highest quality real estate for our customers.

In today’s world when everyone is trying to flatter customers and buyers, there is no scarcity of options when it comes to real estate in Bangalore. There are many who just concentrate on selling their product, no matter what. In this rat race most of the builders forget that they are also liable for the quality of the constructions. So at Daiwik Spandana we ensure that there is no compromise at the quality of villa’s we deliver. Spread over an area of 2.1 acres Daiwik Spandana luxury villas in Electronic City area, Bangalore offers best modern living. Most of you have a dream of having your own villa house. So, we are the right place where you can convert your dream into reality. As the heading says “we give life to your dream”. So when the question comes which is the best villa in Bangalore? The answer is Daiwik Spandana.

When it comes to buying or building your own house these are a few questions you ask to yourself always

  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • Who is the best builder?
  • All the real estate options are so good and nice! Which one should I buy?
  • How will I manage to handle my other responsibilities in this expensive city if I buy my own house?

So here is an answer to all your questions.


  • A PRICE THAT DOESN’T BURN A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET:: We understand that you build a trust on a builder even after knowing the fact that your house is not build yet. When it comes to Daiwik Spandana you can see that the pricing and the payment schemes are really very convenient. We put ourselves in buyer’s shoes and try to save some money for the buyers when it comes to construction costs or other things.
  • QUALITY HOMES:: You might find lot of other options in terms of pricing but when it comes to quality Daiwik Spandana strive to ensure that there will be no compromise in terms of quality of villas. We use superior quality of raw material. All the fittings and doors and other finishing is taken care by branded materials, hence making it easy for the customers to trust the quality. All the people involved in the project in making your dream project come true are a team of experienced experts who know there job and who are innovating the construction industry with a bubbling mind.
  • WE SERVE YOU WITH ALL THE AMENITIES:: The amenities are so well designed that residents will not find a reason to leave the villa at all. This is one thing that will make you fall in love with the premise that you go to look at. List of amenities are as below .
    • Club House
    • Private Garden
    • Indoor/outdoor sports
    • Kids Play
    • Swimming Pool
    • Gymnasium
    • Paved Roads
    • Senior Citizens Avenue

    So if you look at the list above you will understand that we at Daiwik Spandana understand the emotions of a family and have tried to take care of each and every generation of a family from kid to senior citizens.

  • GOOD RETURN ON INVESTMENT:: When you buy a property of Daiwik Spandana you can see that return on investment ill be good due to the location of the project. We are situated in the heart of Bangalore from where all your essential and recreational needs are just a few KMs away. Comprising of Shopping Malls, Lot of IT Industry nearby,educational institutes at 200mts from the location and for emergency healthcare and hospitals such as Narayana Multispecialty Hospital just few KMs away. Also the amenities in the premise are so well planned and designed. So this all things make it prone to a better living and hence prices are bound to rise in no time. This essentially also means that you will really enjoy some really good facilities at a good price. In short you are not only buying a house but also making an investment for lifetime.